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In the era of remote work and cloud computing, the need for a secure and efficient home computing has become paramount. St3mTech excels in virtualisation solutions that enable seamless collaboration, increased productivity, and enhanced flexibility. Whether you're setting up a remote office from home or needing simple VPN setup, we will provide expert guidance to help you choose the right solution. Our goal is to simplify the process of home computing installations and setup, ensuring that your data remains protected and accessible whenever you need it.   Additionally, we can offer personalized training and support to help clients understand their devices and software better, troubleshoot common issues, and optimize their home computing experience.

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What We

  • Cloud Migration and Strategy
    We can help clients assess their current infrastructure, determine their cloud readiness, and develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Assist in migrating their on-premises infrastructure to VMware-based or Azure cloud environments, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption
  • Virtual Infrastructure Design and Deployment
    We can design and deploy virtual infrastructure using VMware technologies such as VMware vSphere and vCenter, or Azure virtualization services like Azure VMware Solution (AVS). Configure and optimize the virtual environment for clients' specific needs, ensuring scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency.
  • Cloud Security Assessment and Implementation
    We can conduct security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and risks in clients' cloud environments. Develop and implement robust security measures, including access controls, encryption, network segmentation, and threat detection systems, to enhance the security posture and protect sensitive data.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
    We can assist clients in designing and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans for their virtualized cloud environments. Utilize features and services offered by VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) or Azure Site Recovery to ensure data replication, failover capabilities, and efficient recovery in the event of disruptions or disasters.
  • Performance Optimization and Monitoring
    Our team can optimize the performance of clients' virtualized cloud environments by analyzing resource utilization, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing performance tuning techniques. Set up monitoring and alerting systems to proactively identify and address performance issues.
  • Virtualization Platform Upgrades and Maintenance
    We help clients upgrade and maintain their virtualization platforms to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements. Assist in implementing platform upgrades, applying patches, and managing software-defined infrastructure.
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
    We can conduct training sessions and workshops to educate clients' teams on virtualization best practices, cloud security, and efficient utilization of cloud resources. Foster knowledge transfer to enable clients to independently manage and maintain their virtualized cloud environments.
  • ​Cloud Governance and Compliance
    We can assist clients in establishing cloud governance frameworks and compliance policies aligned with industry standards and regulations. Implement controls, audit trails, and documentation processes to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to data protection requirements.

What We


Home Network Setup and Troubleshooting

I can assist clients in setting up and configuring their home networks, including wireless routers, modems, and network switches. Troubleshoot connectivity issues, optimize network performance, and ensure secure Wi-Fi configurations.


Software Installation and Troubleshooting

Install and configure various software applications based on clients' needs, including productivity tools, multimedia software, antivirus software, and more. Troubleshoot software issues and provide solutions to enhance performance and resolve compatibility problems.


Email and Messaging Configuration

Assist clients in setting up email accounts, configuring email clients, and resolving email-related issues. Provide guidance on email security best practices, spam filtering, and encryption options


Backup and Data Recovery

Advise clients on backup strategies and implement solutions to safeguard their important data, such as setting up automatic backups to external drives or cloud storage services. Provide data recovery services in case of accidental data loss.


Operating System Installation and Configuration

Offer installation and configuration services for desktop operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, ensuring clients' systems are set up properly and customized to their preferences.


Security and Privacy Setup

Implement security measures to protect clients' home computing environments, including configuring firewalls, setting up antivirus and anti-malware software, enabling automatic system updates, and providing guidance on safe internet browsing practices.


Remote Access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup

Help clients establish secure remote access capabilities, enabling them to connect to their home computers or access files remotely. Set up VPNs to ensure encrypted connections when accessing sensitive data or using public Wi-Fi networks.


Hardware Installation and Upgrades

Assist clients in installing new hardware components, such as memory, hard drives, or graphics cards, and ensuring proper integration with existing systems. Offer guidance on upgrading and optimizing their computer hardware.

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